10 Allergy Friendly Brands I Can’t Wait To See at the GFAF Expo 2017 in Secaucus, NJ

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Fall is official here! Do you know what that means? It’s time for the Gluten Free Allergen Friendly (GFAF) Expo here in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Since I have been in the nostalgic mode lately, I decided to look for my previous GFAFExpo posts in  20142015.

Can you believe it is my 5th year going to this event? Oh, and I never get tired. Why? Because the expo keeps on getting better and better each year.

Now, here’s the million dollar question I always get when I talk about GFAF Expo.

“We are managing multiple food allergies, is it still worth it to go to Secaucus?”

My answer hands down will be a big YES!

While being Gluten Free is the primary criteria to be an exhibitor, many brands present are also free of the common allergens. In fact, the whole hall is divided into two sections. The Blue Section is for just Gluten Free and the Red Section for Gluten Free and Allergen Free.

Here are some Top 8 Allergen free brands that will be there. Just visiting their booths, getting samples and coupons will definitely make your trip to the GFAFExpo worthwhile.


Daiya Foods

     They often provide samples to the attendees. The quesadilla using the Daiya “cheese” is always a big hit. Plus, they are excited to hand out coupons. Don’t be afraid to ask for more as those $1 OFF coupons are very hard to find.


Freedom Foods

       Aside from generous product samples, you can also buy products from the booth at extremely low price. Yup! I often stock up on cereal every time I go to their booth. Make sure to bring cash.

Enjoy Life Foods

Have you heard? They now have a new packaging. Plus they just introduced the  small sized chocolate bars. This will be really exciting. Not to mention, they always give out samples and coupons.



I’ve first learned about this brand of allergy friendly breads at last year’s event. They handed out samples, which were amazing and tastes like the “real thing” and coupons.  They also sold items at discounted price so it’s a total win!


Veggie Fries

One of my kids’ favorite. I love that they provide generous hot samples. Yes, they cook it on the spot. Again, they are generous with the coupons too.


The Greater Knead

They used to be Sweet Note Bakery. In their booth, they let you sample their Top 8 Allergen Free bagels (plus sesame). They also sell their bagels which you can freeze for later use. Plus, everyone in their booth are all smiles through out the day.


Perfectly Free

Now, these sweet “ice cream ball” frozen treats are very addicting. Last year, the actually ran out of samples because everyone can’t get enough of it.

Earlier this year, they launched some allergy friendly ice cream too. I’m sure they will highlight it this year.  Oh, they too are very generous in handing out coupons.


Partake Foods

The newcomers on the block! Based here in New Jersey,  I was very fortunate to have worked with them during the early product testing as well the final product. I love the idea of making cookies with vegetables in it.  My kids and I liked their cookies and I can’t wait to see them (finally) at the expo.


Simply Beyond

Another local NJ company, their Herb sprays are great addition to the kitchen. Not only can you sample them, they also offer a special gift pack that your can purchase at a discount.



These vegan and allergy free “burger” patties are also a favorite of my kids. Definitely one of the better and healthier alternatives out there. Another generous coupon giver.


So, are you excited to join me at the GFAF Expo this October 14 and 15? It will be great to meet up with you.

Now, here’s the sweet deal. Buy your tickets now and Get 20% OFF entrance tickets using the code ADVANCE .  This code is valid until Oct. 13, 2017 so hurry.

I promise you, the trip will be worth it.



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