10 Ways to Start The Day Right

Mornings seem to have a bad reputation. From being cranky before that cup of coffee to rushing kids to school, many dread the first hours of the day.

As a mom of 4, I know first hand how challenging mornings can be. I also know the importance of starting our day right. After all the first hours of the day often sets the tone for the rest of the day.

If you want your days to be less stressful, try these tips from Delicious Living Magazine. By making some simple changes, we can make our mornings and days more productive and delightful.



Drink a Glass of Water

       While many prefer to start the day with a cup of coffee or tea, drinking a glass of water after waking up is a good habit to have. Not only is it refreshing, it helps clean the body.


List Reasons You’re Thankful

      Do you wake up complaining and wonder why your day seems to be filled with things you are not happy about?  Yes, life isn’t perfect. But there are always things we can be grateful for. No matter how small, it is nice to be reminded that good things do happen in our lives.


Hum a Happy Tune

This reminds me of Disney’s Snow White. The dwarfs were singing while working in the mines and Snow White hums a tune every time she does chores.  Music not only affects our mood, it also helps our body work faster.


Exercise or Practice Yoga

        Among the tips mentioned, this probably is the hardest for me. Since my routine immediately is tuned to cooking and preparing the kids for school, finding time to exercise is a challenge.

         Since I don’t have the luxury to workout first thing in the morning, (I actually play badminton twice a week at 8:30 in the evening), I think simple steps like some stretching and lounges will suffice. Some movement is better than none at all.


Seek out Sunlight

      Open that curtain. Even if you are not a morning person, the sun’s rays will definitely give you an energy boost and a more positive outlook.


Read a Positive Quote

      I used to turn on the TV first thing in the morning and I have to say that habit often affected my mood – not in a good way. Why? Let’s just say that the morning news seems to be all about politics, death, tragedy or other things that tend to be negative.

       While those are the reality of life, starting the day with an inspiring message gives me that much needed boost to face the challenges ahead.

Eat Breakfast

       Here’s one practice that has been passed down for generations in our family. No matter how busy our day will be, a full, hot breakfast is a must.

Wiggle and Stretch

       Growing up, my grandmother would always remind me to stretch and wiggle my arms before eating breakfast. When I asked her why, she said it starts my blood flowing.  Though up to know her reason still doesn’t made sense, doing some stretching in the morning has helped me feel more awake.

Take a Multivitamin

       While I always made sure that the kids take their vitamins after breakfast, I confess I’m a quite lax on taking my own. Eventually, I would forget about it and feel guilty at the end of the day.

Give a Hug

      There’s something magical a hug can bring. That’s why I never let an opportunity pass without hugging my kids.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

How do you start your day?

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