12 Days of Allergy Friendly Christmas Giveaway Series

2016 has a been a very exciting and generous year for TheFrugalistaMom’s Allergy Friendly Home and me personally. When I started this blog as a therapeutic means of ranting about my children’s food allergies, I never imagined that this space will pave way to a unique mission.

A calling where I would be able to do things that are close to my heart – making new recipes, finding and trying new allergy friendly products, advocating for food allergies, writing, practicing my marketing degree & experience and most importantly, have a chance to help those who are managing a lifestyle directly caused by  allergies and asthma all while staying home with the kids.

Okay don’t get envy crazy. While being a lifestyle or food allergy blogger sounds really amazing or sort of a “dream job”, I consider it more of a vocation. Why? Well for starters, monetary wise, it is way far to be considered as a source of full time income.


The rewards that kept me going were mostly priceless hugs and thank you messages that I continually receive from you. Complete strangers who now became great friends – the mom who’s son was able to have a donut for the first time, the young adult who finally decided to get second and third opinions after her allergist cleared her of food allergies, the child who had a top 8 birthday cake and more…

Truly, I’ve felt so blessed. That’s why, I would like to share with you my blessings. This 12 Days of Allergy Friendly Christmas series will feature the brands I found and loved this year. Not only will you learn more about these amazing brands, you’ll get nice discounts and yes, a chance to win a gift pack from them.

Are you excited?

Remember, a new giveaway will be unlocked everyday.

Now, which among the listed brands makes you super excited? Write your answer on the comments below.



The Giveaways are currently on…  To join that click the link of the brands. A new one will be live every day. Enter one or all of them . Have fun!!!


Day 1: Pure Genius Brownies and Blondies

Day 2: Snack Nation Box

Day 3: Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Day 4: Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Winter Care Pack

Day 5: NC Entertainment Christmas DVDs

Day 6: Namaste Products

Day 7: Simply Beyond Herbs

Day 8: 88 Acres Seed Butters

Day 9: Zego Bars

Day 10: Neo Cell Beauty Bursts

Day 11: Boxed Water

and more surprises to come.

(Note: This post contains affiliate links.)


  1. I love manuka honey. My doctor prescribes it to me whenever my throat becomes infected….like now or for asthma. It’s my wonder drug

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