20 Food Allergy Themed Children’s Books to Read

A good book can take you anywhere. It can educate, inspire, encourage and yes, even help navigate ones life.

Since we’re celebrating Read Across America week, I think it’s the best time to share with you this list of 20 food allergy themed children’s books to read your kids. Each book contains simple explanation on what allergies are, the struggles of having it, how to manage this different lifestyle and the importance of everyone’s support.


Whether you are dealing with allergies or not, these books are good additions to you and your children’s story time. Filled with colorful illustrations, simple facts and real life scenarios, your child will surely find a character whom they can relate too.

Happy Reading!

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Nutley the Nut Free Squirrel by Stephanie Sorkin

(My boys are currently obsessed with this book. They find it really funny and amusing. Watch out for the review soon.)

Humfree the Bee has a Food Allergy by Alison Grace Johansen 

(Here’s what the kids and I thought about it.)

The Princess and the Peanut Allergy by Wendy McClure

The BugaBees Friends with Food Allergies by Amy Recob

Food Allergies and Me by Juniper Skinner

Why can’t I have a Cupcake? by Betsy Childs

The No Biggie Bunch Everyday Cool with Food Allergies by Michael Pistiner

Joey Panda and His Food Allergies Save the Day by Amishi Murthy

My Food Allergies by Amber Devore

(This book is very informational. Even my bigger kids read it.)

Can I have some Cake too? by Melanie Nazareth

Patty’s Secret A Tale of a Girl with Food Allergies by Leneille Moon

Tom, Rosie and the Battle of the Allergy by Anat Shabi

Julia’s Special Cupcakes: A Children’s Story about Food Allergies by Monica Martinez

Tom’s Secret Agents: A Book about a Young Kid with a Food Allergy by Jamie Waggott

Food Fight Knight: A Tale of Food Allergies & Friendship by Michelle Hagan

What Treat can Ruben Eat? by John Ruben M. Aranton Jr.

No Thank You, I’m Allergic by Kristen Seymour

Steak at Stake by Desiree DeNourie

The Peanut Pickle by Jessica Jacobs

Mangos for Max by Jessica St. Louis

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