3 Reasons why I’m a Big fan of Shoprite’s Wholesome Pantry snacks

I’ve teamed up with Shoprite to share with you their line of Wholesome Pantry Snacks. While I received some products, I am a regular shopper and often buys products from this line.

Whenever someone learns that my children have multiple food allergies and I buy mostly gluten free and organic items, their first reaction oftentimes is ” Wow! Your grocery bill must be off the roof!”

Yes, I can’t deny that my grocery budget has tripled even quadrupled after we changed the products we consume. When we started over 7 years ago, the choices available were very limited. Allergy friendly and organic products were considered prime commodities. Now, there are more options. But the high cost of certifications are still being shouldered by us, the consumers. This explains the prime prices.

Oh, did I mention, the kiddos are in their growth spurt stage right now? Our family of 6, actually eats like that of a family of 12. I believe even more from the last time I checked.

Since I can no longer dispute the fact that I have two teenage girls and two pre-teen boys (Many friends with grown boys told me their food consumption will swell up beyond my imagination soon), I have to find ways to keep my family well fed, without compromising their health and our savings. Hello! College is knocking.

Anyway, one of the ways I am able to save some money on allergy friendly and organic products is buying store brand items. If you are not aware of it yet, many big retailers are now carrying healthier alternatives just like Shoprite’s Wholesome Pantry Line of organic products.

Last year, I wrote a post about this line. Since then, the brand has become a big part of our grocery shopping. In fact, many of the snacks the kids love are from the Wholesome Pantry line.

Why am I fan of the Wholesome Pantry Snacks?

Affordable Prices

My children go through snacks like crazy. That’s why most people would think it will be more reasonable for me to get them at warehouse stores. After a lot of trial and error, I learned that there are instances when I can get a better deal at Shoprite. Often times, Wholesome Pantry’s regular priced items are a few cents to at least a dollar cheaper than named brands.

Also, just like named brands, Wholesome Pantry items can go on sale too. That’s when I stock up.

Product Variety

Aside from organic, Wholesome Pantry has products that can cater to your specific dietary needs – top 8 allergen free, gluten free, paleo, keto and more. Whatever your snacking favorites, you’ll find one that you’ll love (chips, nuts, bars, dried fruits, granola and more).

Did I mentioned that the products they carry are so well screened that they are comparable or even better than the leading brands? I’m talking in terms of taste and texture of gluten free and allergy friendly items.

Customer Support

Unlike most named brands, the products from the Wholesome Pantry line are sourced from different suppliers. This means that items were manufactured or processed in several facilities. I like that the packaging often discloses these information as well as possible allergen cross contamination. If there’s a need to ask more about the products, there’s a customer service line that is very easy to reach and usually have the answers right away.

Another big plus is that the Wholesome Pantry line has a money back guarantee. If for any reason, the product caused an allergic reaction or your child simply didn’t like the taste or texture, you can easily get a refund. Isn’t that sweet?

Have you tried Shoprite’s Wholesome Pantry Snacks? What are your favorites?


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