4 Reasons to attend the Wow Summit 2015 in San Diego

I’ve been a part of Moms Meet Ambassador for almost three years now and I have to say it is one of the best groups that I’ve been into. For those you are not familiar with Moms Meet yet, it is an online community that helps connect and empower parents by providing informational articles and product testing opportunities.

The free Mom Ambassador program gives moms (dads and grandparents as well), the chance to try and review better for you products and services. It also has Rewards Program that allows members to collect and redeem coins for tons of great prizes like Kiwi Magazine subscription or a surprise box of natural and organic products. Oh, and you don’t have to be a blogger to join.

Every year, the organizers of Moms Meet, hosts the Wow Summit. For the past two years, I wasn’t able to attend because of conflict of schedule. That’s why this year, I pulled all the strings to make sure that I’ll be there in San Diego, California from Oct. 23-24 for the #WowSummit 2015.

Why am I so crazy about attending this event?


1. Topics

    This year’s WOW Summit workshops include subjects that are really close to my heart such as:

  • Importance of healthy school lunches
  • Girls entering early puberty
  • Simple ways to detox the home
  • Practical tips of “greening” the home, diet and lifestyle
  • How to boost my blog with a killer social media strategy (I’m a blogger right?)

       Friday’s events is all for bloggers. Not only will there be workshops on how to improve our blogs but we’ll get to have a networking night with not just fellow bloggers but companies as well.

2. Speakers

    Moms Meet is known for meticulously picking speakers. I love this practice because the organizers make it a point to really provide experts on a particular field. For this year, I’m to excited to hear from Jillian Darlington, the Founder of MomCo app and Andrea Barbalich, the Editorial Director of Kiwi Magazine.

3. Sponsors

    There are brands that have been very helpful in our allergy friendly journey through out the years. That’s why I can’t wait to really talk to the people behind them. I’m particularly looking forward to:

  • Enjoy Life Foods
  • Veri Soda
  • Smart Flour Foods
  • Garden of Life
  • Kiwi Magazine
  • Organic India

       Oh, I can’t wait to get acquainted with the other brands coming at the summit as well. The more brands, the better for us right?

4. Goody bags

    Who doesn’t like freebies? With very generous sponsors, I’m sure, I’ll be able to have a big loot to try, review and even share with you folks. Yes! you are in my thoughts… all the time.

Now for your special treat. If you are near the San Diego area and would like to attend this year’s Wow Summit, I have a special 30% OFF Coupon Code just for you. Simple use WOW30 when you register here.

Hope to see you there soon.



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