4 Reasons to Try Using Malaysian Palm Oil + a Giveaway

Back when I first learned that two of my children are allergic to soy, I was appalled to find out that soy was pretty much in everything. Did you know that most packaged products that contain “vegetable oil” actually contained soybean oil in it?

While some people who are allergic to soy can tolerate the highly processed soybean oil, Child#3 is very sensitive to it. A small amount can cause him to have breathing difficulties. That is why I am very particular when it comes to cooking oils.

What cooking oils do I use?

There are four types of oils that you will find in my kitchen. First is extra virgin olive oil. While it adds great flavor, I seldom use it for cooking because of its lower smoking point. Next is avocado oil which has a high smoke point and barely has any flavor. It is actually my favorite because it works well for both cooking and baking needs. The downside though is that it’s quite pricey. That is why I use it wisely.

Then there’s coconut oil. Because of it’s strong flavor, I often use it in baking unless I make a curry dish which has coconut milk in it. Lastly, my go to cooking oil — Palm Oil.

Why Palm Oil?

Growing up in the Philippines, I literally been around coconut and palm oils. In fact, almost all my beloved childhood snacks are made with either of these two oils. That’s why when I was tapped by the people from Malaysian Palm Oil Council to try using palm oil in my cooking, I didn’t think twice.

Here are the reasons why Malaysian Palm Oil has become a staple in my pantry.

It’s a Nutritious Oil

The reddish orange color of unrefined palm oil is an indicator that it is rich in beta carotene. Yes, the same nutrient found in carrots and tomatoes. Aside from Vitamin A, palm oil is also a good source of Vitamins D, E and K.

Perfect for Cooking

As a mentioned earlier, Palm oil naturally has a higher smoke point. This makes it perfect for high heat cooking like stir frying, broiling and yes, frying. Also, it doesn’t have any distinct taste or flavor which makes it very versatile.


The palm tree where the oil comes from is easy to grow and in just 30 months can start bearing fruits. A single tree can be productive for 20-30 years which makes a consistent and abundant supply. Thus, palm oil is way cheaper than avocado oil and even olive oil.


The palm oil industry particularly in Malaysia is highly regulated. Since it is the country’s top exports, both the government and the industry professionals are working together to make sure that they’ll be able to have the same quality of products for years to come. From the land where the palm trees are planted, to the water supply, use of pesticides, milling and refinery, there are laws that ensure the well being of the environment.

Have you tried using palm oil? If not, here’s your chance. Our friends from the Malaysian Palm Oil Council is happy to sponsor this giveaway.

One US reader will win a Gift Pack ($40 worth). Of course, it will includes a bottle of Malaysian Palm Oil. Just do the steps below to get free entries. Hurry! The giveaway will end on May 3, 2019 11:59 pm EST.


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