4 Ways to Stay Healthy this Fall + Alternavites Giveaway

We made it! The official first week of school that is.

Now that school’s back. Yes kids, homework, extra curricular activities and never ending events are here again. If the constant being around with people isn’t enough, the temperatures are slowly getting crazy here again here in Jersey.

Hello Fall!

While Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, I can’t deny that I always get nervous this time of the year. Why? Well, it’s because the hustle of this season along with the unpredictable weather often makes plenty of people sick.

Since we don’t get flu shots as a family, (that’s a personal choice and a totally different story I’ll soon write about) I rely heavily on natural ways to keep our health in tip top shape this coming flu season.


1. Eat a balanced diet

    During summer months, I confess I slack a bit on this. Since “the cook” was working on part time vacation mode and the kids are just eating like crazy, I tend to let them eat what they like most of the time.

    For Child#1 and Child#3 who are big fruit and vegetable eaters, I don’t worry if they get all the nutrients they need. They simply know how to listen to their bodies’ own craving.

    The story is quite the opposite with the other two. If they can get away with it, they’ll have meat, more meat and then juice to get their “fruit” serving.

    Now that it’s fall, I prefer to make stews and soups that are loaded with different kinds of vegetables. I also sneak in more vegetables on meatballs or meat loaves.


2. Hands Off

    Nope, my house isn’t spotless and I don’t put the kids inside a bubble. However, at this time of the year, the kids call me the “hand police”.

    Aside from making sure that they always wash their hands, I’m keen on correcting habits particularly touching their mouths with their fingers or worse pens when they are doing their homework.


3. Rest

    Last season is all about chilling out.  Now that the whole family is on the move from one activity to the next and our calendar is extremely colorful, I make extra effort to ask if someone is exhausted.

    Even if it is already 5 pm and we only have a free hour to spare, I’m not scared to let a child take a nap especially if he or she requests it. Why the leniency? Well, I truly believe that rest enables the body to recover.

     I’ve always noticed that a good nap or a long sleep can really help the body fight viruses.


4. Take multivitamins.

     Due to allergies and food restrictions, I know that no matter how much I try to give healthy food to my family, it’s not possible to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals via food only.

     That’s why I make sure to give them multivitamins. It bridges the gap that food alone can’t provide.


While there are many multivitamins available in the market, it is difficult to find something that readily declares that it is free of allergens particularly the top 8 – wheat/gluten, dairy, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish and fish.

If I’m lucky to find one, the kids are not keen on talking it because these multivitamins often comes in huge tablet forms. I am already an adult and I still can’t force myself to take those gigantic pills!

Then, I came across a brand called AlternaVites, a comprehensive multi vitamin and mineral in crystal powder form that melts quickly in the mouth. Yes! A powdered form supplement that actually tastes good.The kiddos even describe it as “sour powder candy but sweeter.”

Because it comes in different flavors Raspberry Cotton Candy and Strawberry Bubble Gum for Multivitamins & Minerals, Tutti Frutti Smoothie for Vitamin D, Orange Berry Blast for Vitamin C and Carnival Swirl for Calcium, there is less or no fight in taking the supplement. AlternaVites can even be added to milk, yogurt, smoothies or as ice cream topping. Yes taking vitamins can be fun too. Oh, there’s a dosage for adults too.


AlternaVites are individually wrapped so there’s no need for measuring and it’s very convenient especially when your family is on the go.

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(Note: This is a sponsored post. Please see my full disclosure.)


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  1. Lots of vitamin C, exercise, plenty of water, and an apple a day! I’m actually going apple picking this weekend, I can’t wait!

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