5 Instances When It’s Better to Hire Professional Movers

Now that Spring is here and the real estate market is starting to get busy again. I thought of writing a post that answers another common question I get as a mom and a licensed real estate agent.

Is it cheaper to move DIY style or hire professional movers?

At first glance, many will definitely say that renting a truck and “doing it yourself” is the best way to go. From experience though, the response depends on several factors. For instance, if you are just starting out, having friends to help carry bags and then go shopping with you for small appliances or furniture to “fill up” your space, hiring extra people is not needed.

If you’re already passed that stage and has accumulated some valuables and not so valuables, hiring professional movers may be the best option. Here are some instances when it is way reasonable to get the professionals handle the moving job.

Note: This is post is sponsored by Bluebell Relocation Services.

Moving to or from an Apartment or Condo

Whether you are moving from NJ to New York or vice versa, living in an apartment or condo has some amazing perks such as a nice view, “just the right amount of space” for you, minimal upkeep and a neighborhood that is accessible to many restaurants and shops.

While apartments and condos come in different price ranges (from several hundreds to a few millions), there are several features that they all have in common —- narrow hallways, flights of stairs and even building management regulations.

If you already own heavy or bulky furniture such as couch, recliner, bed frame or dressers. Hiring the pros will not only do the heavy lifting for you, they’ll also make sure that your possessions as well your unit’s walls, doors and floors are protected and will be free from any moving damages.

If you’re a renter, hiring the pros can also protect that precious security deposit.

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Upgrading (moving to a bigger home) is always more fun because there will be more space to be “filled in”. Downsizing (moving to a smaller place) on the hand is a bit more stressful. Whatever the cause of the downsizing maybe, sorting through years of stuff is not only tiring physically, it is also emotionally draining.

That’s when companies like Bluebell Relocation Services come handy. These professionals are not only responsible for moving the boxes, they can also help you organize, prepare and meticulously pack the items that you choose to keep.

This service not only saves time but also head/heartache.

Senior Moves to Assisted Living

Having an elderly leave his/her home and move to an assisted living facility is another emotional situation when it is better to hire professional movers. Whether they have family involved or just friends, a relocation service company can make it easier for the Senior to sort what he/she can take to the facility. The company can also move the rest of the items from the home to a storage facility where the client can still access his/her possessions.

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When You Have Kids

Moving to a new home when you have children is always a challenging task. It doesn’t matter if you have a baby, a toddler or a teenager. The stress of packing another human being’s personal stuff and making sure every thing they treasure will all reach the new place is still the same.

I’ve known a lot of friends who chose to hire professionals and they all agreed that having “someone” (its often a team) put all the contents of a room (every furniture, clothes, toys) and transport it to the new room in the new house is magical and worth every penny.

By delegating the packing and transporting, a parent can take care of other important things their kids’ new school, as well as emotional and social well being.

When There’s a Specific Timeframe

Not all moves are well planned. Some relocation can be caused by a change of job which requires immediate transfer. If you are short in time, hiring moving experts can get the job done within a few days. That includes packing, moving and unpacking. When you have little time and too much to do, it’s way more practical and reasonable to let others do tasks that they are good at so you can focus on what things that needs your attention.

Thinking of hiring professional movers? Here’s a tip. Make sure to ask for list of services they offer and quotes. A company who cares about its reputation will always be a better choice.


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