5 Reasons to Attend the GFAF Expo 2015 in New Jersey

     Fall is here and you know what that means — The kids are back in school. Holidays are coming. And yes, it’s time for the Gluten Free and Allergen Free Expo here in Secaucus, New Jersey.

      Since its start in 2013, I’m so happy to be one of their official bloggers. In fact, I’m always looking forward to this event every year.

      If you are in the East Coast area and haven’t attended this event yet, here are the reasons why I think you should be there this year. Believe me, it is worth (even more) every time and effort.

That’s ME and my treats at last year’s GFAF Expo

1. It’s not just for those who are into Gluten Free lifestyle.

Most people think that the GFAFExpo in Secaucus is only for those who are Celiac or are in a gluten free diet. Guess what? About half of the vendors in this NJ event cater to the food allergy market as well. They even divided the venue into two sections – only Gluten free vendors (usually marked in blue) and Top 8 Allergen vendors (red markers).


2. Unlimited Product Samples

One of the biggest challenges I face as a mom of kids with food allergies is finding safe products that my children would actually eat. How many times have you bought something regardless of the price and then it eventually went to the trash because nobody wants it? The vendors at the GFAF Expo are very confident of their products that they readily give samples (lots of it).


3. Shop with BIG Discounts

We all know that gluten free and food allergy friendly products cost way more than regular grocery store items. One of the perks I enjoy whenever I attend the GFAF Expo is discount grocery shopping. Yes, many vendors sell their products during the expo. Some can go as low as 50% OFF.

Just a tip, make sure you have cash with you as some don’t accept credit cards.


4. Coupons Galore

By now, I’m sure you already know that finding coupons for gluten free and food allergy friendly products is next to impossible. Most of the time, if we are lucky, we can only get one from the websites of the brands or if we personally contact them.

Guess what? The GFAF Expo gives us the opportunity to directly connect with the brands. You wouldn’t believe how generous they are in giving away coupons. Just the coupons you’ll get alone, you’ll already off set your admission fee and even transportation to the event.

5. Generous Goody bag

Did you know that your admission ticket automatically comes with an event goody bag? The reusable bag is not only a treat but it is filled with more samples, coupons, magazines and other educational information.

     Are you curious enough to attend this year’s GFAF Expo in NJ? Here’s the good news. I have a deal to share just for you my readers. You’ll get 20% OFF when you purchase advance tickets here.  Isn’t that sweet?


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– Roz


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