5 Ways Fashion Could be Bad for your Health

Everyone like to remain up to date with the latest fashion. While the obsession with fashion can be fun, did you know that your clothing choices could also place your health in danger? Read on and learn more about the ways your clothes could be potentially be bad for your health.

1. Fabric Chemicals

     Some fashion chains are known to sell cheaply because they use cheap materials. Most of the time, these businesses don’t even care if their products contain toxic chemicals. In order to avoid this mishap, be sure to purchase your clothing from companies with a transparent production process. Otherwise, you could be exposed to harmful chemicals used in the dyeing and processing of fabric. To make sure you get high quality at a low price, you can always use coupons that will let you save on safer products.

2. Harboring of Bacteria

     While a thong definitely is cute and sexy (on the right body shapes), there is nothing cute about the bacteria that they can harbor in one of the most inconvenient places. Some women are willing to sacrifice. They opt to deal with the annoyance and discomfort. Thongs should be worn less frequently and should be avoided especially when sleeping.


3. Poor Circulation

     Sure, that Lycra garment might allow you to portray yourself as having that desirable hourglass shape (even if you’re not). This optical illusion however, comes at a price. When a garment is too tight, it pinches the nerves and prevents normal blood flow. This can result to numbness as well as poor blood circulation.Shapewear, no matter how tempting should be worn on rare occasions.

4. Back Pain

     Most back pains (and shoulder pains) are caused excessively large and overstuffed bags carried by most women. The belief that the purse should contain everything a woman needs has been sending ladies to the chiropractor in record numbers. Do you back a favor and ditch the extras and carry only the essentials. You can always leave a set of things you might need in the office, at home or any other location you spend most of your time.

5. Earlobe Damage

     Oversized door knocker earrings have been all the rage since the 1990’s. Wearing them on a consistent basis comes with certain risk factors. Earrings that are too large and heavy are causing more and more women to seek reconstructive surgery for their stretched out earlobes. Switch to a less ostentatious pair of earrings and be sure to give your ears a break every once in a while.

Guest post by Sam 

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