7 Days No Sugar Challenge – Day 2

      Temptation Day!

      Yesterday started really good.  Thanks to my growing tea collection, I was able to treat myself with a nice big cup of The Republic of Tea’s Mango Ceylon . The strong aroma of mango made the tea somewhat sweeter naturally.  It matched perfectly with our family’s breakfast of Sauteed Corned Beef with Onions and boiled quinoa. Since I forgot to take a picture of my meal, I used a photo of the dish which I took a while ago. As you can see, I didn’t discovered quinoa then so the background was steamed white rice.  Still gluten free though. 
      We arrived home around 11:20 am from the kids’ swim class.  They are a little tired for a big meal so I allowed them to have a snack while I do some writing.  Then, the first temptation came. While the kids were enjoying their food allergy friendly SUGAR cookies, they decided to offer me one because according to them “It tastes really good.” I almost grabbed a piece when I saw the packaging.  I told I am thankful for the sweet offer but right now Nanay (mom) is not having any sugar. Since food restrictions are common in our household, it is no longer a big deal when one food has to be avoided.  Ah! That was close one though! 
      For lunch, I had the same as Day 1’s which is Pork Menudo with quinoa.  I cook big batches remember?  
    The second temptation came after lunch.  The kids asked me if they could have dessert.  Both of my sons are actually underweight so I grab every opportunity to give them extra calories. What’s for dessert? Melted semi sweet chocolate and marshmallows! Thank God Child #3 had a strong urge to try this new Vegetable Medley chips.  Not only is it food allergy safe, it has no sugar as well.  The sweet potatoes in it helped satisfy that sweet craving on the go.
      When we got back home from Karate class, it was time to prepare for dinner.  I’ve made this easy and well loved Indian Spiced Roasted Chicken.  Since I don’t have hours to cook a whole chicken, I cut it in serving pieces before roasting. This reduced the cooking time to about 1 hour in the oven.  
      Since it was a busy day for all of us and I didn’t have my afternoon java fix, I felt so tired after dinner.  Too tired to even think of dessert!  I easily fell asleep.  However, I was up a few times during the night. Is it due to sugar withdrawal?  What do you think? 


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