7 Days No Sugar Challenge – Day 3

     Have you ever had a day when every thing seems not to turn out right?  Well, this was exactly what happened yesterday.  No matter how hard I planned and scheduled, nature seems to have a mind of its own. 

      For starters, I woke up at around 6:30 am to have some quiet time. Though this was a bit late than our usual, the summer routine started to kick in and kids supposed to be up an hour later.  I was just about to prepare my morning cup of Mango Ceylon tea when my two boys began running around the house playing tag.  Next thing I know, daughter #2 complained that she’s already hungry.  What more can I say?  So long quiet time! 
     Breakfast was a quick meal of quinoa, baked luncheon meat and leftover Sauteed Corned Beef. Sounds like a feast?  Well, let’s say mom was able to get about 1 slice of meat and about a tablespoon of corned beef to go with a quarter cup of quinoa.  Yup that’s how hungry my gang was! Of course, I wasn’t able to take any pictures.  
      It’s the just the middle of the week and I realized that my stock of pre-cooked meals has already depleted.  Since the kids were okay for a late lunch, I made a huge batch of this easy yet super delicious White Bean & Pasta Soup. It came out good as usual. The downside, it only lasted until dinner.  This meant I have to cook again the following day.  

       Baked goods are a staple in our home.  When I started this No Sugar Challenge, I told myself, I will not bake anything to avoid any temptations.  Of course, this was not possible as I have  an always hungry crowd at home.  The swimming lessons didn’t help either.

       Accepting defeat, I baked the kids a batch of brownies. I was scheduled to test a product so I opened the package of a new brownie mix and just followed the instructions on the box to the tee. This helped me to have the courage not to taste the batter or the end product.

       Most of the time, I will go cuckoo when the result didn’t come out exactly as what the picture on the box looks like.  The kids are more forgiving than me.  As long as it tastes good, they are happy.  As for me, the imperfections were enough for me to cringe and stay away.  Saving me in the process.

       Okay, I know the picture looked good and I’d say the brownies must have tasted good because the kids and my husband all liked it.  I confess, I was a bit (super, extra) cranky the whole day. Not sure if it’s allergies or a sugar withdrawal symptom but I had been sneezing the whole time.  By dinner time, I was forced to take an anti-histamine medicine which never failed to make me drowsy.

     On a day like this, my source of comfort would have been a nice big piece of tiramisu or a super creamy NY style cheesecake.  But nothing is available at home.  To fix my sugar craving, I had about 2 cups of ice cold watermelon.  The sweet treat was a piece of heaven!  I could have had more but the medicine took effect.

        I was knocked out at 10 pm.

       Do you experience sugar withdrawal symptoms?



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