7 Days No Sugar Challenge – Day 4

      As you know Day 3 was a crappy and miserable one for me.  After a nice 7 hours of sleep courtesy of Loratadine (generic for Claritin), I woke up early and refreshed.  To keep the mood up, I started off with a huge cup of the aromatic and flavorful Papaya and Passion Fruit Tea .  No added sweetener of course.

     While preparing our breakfast, I was surprised to find out that the Luncheon meat we had yesterday contained sugar in it.  Since it was not our usual brand and I’m only particular with my family’s allergens, I forgot to check.  Was this the reason why yesterday turned out really crazy?  

      Anyway, for the past 3 days, I never had anything sweet.  As you may have noticed, all the food I ate were mostly on the savory side. Since I don’t want to feel deprived and deceived (after I ate a salty lunch meat that contained sugar), I decided to be creative and make something sweet for breakfast.  

        As I gazed through the pantry, I found some gluten free original quick cooking oats and an opened pack of dried dates.  I have used dried dates in recipes such as Sticky Toffee Pudding and know how sweet it is.  After I checked the ingredient list for possible sugars, (Thank God it doesn’t contain any.) I chopped 3 pieces and added it to the oatmeal and flax milk before cooking it in the microwave.  A dash of cinnamon made it extra sweet and yummy.  Yay!

       For lunch, my children requested their favorite homemade Burger Steak and Herbed Corn.  Since we didn’t have fresh corn on hand, I opened 2 cans of corn kernels to make the easy side dish.  To my horror, even the canned corn contains sugar! Good thing there’s always frozen broccoli and cauliflower in the freezer.  Oh, the kids aren’t on the Sugar Challenge so they enjoyed their corn.

       The day seemed to be warmer than the past few days.  This made me drink twice as much strawberry and mint infused water. By dinner time, I don’t feel the need for a regular meal.  That’s when I gobbled about 3 cups of ice cold watermelon. Why haven’t I stocked up on this fruit earlier this week?  
         Day 5 here I come.

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