7 Quick Takes: Things a Food Allergy Mom is Thankful For

  School year 2014-2015 officially ended. As my children were relaxing this Friday, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with all the stuff they brought home this week — used up books, leftover supplies, summer school packets and endless stash of paper.
   While I try to figure out what to do with this new pile of craziness, these dusty plastic bags filled with unused medications caught me eyes. That’s when it hit me. 180 school days passed and these were untouched. Thank God!
    So instead of focusing on the new workload this summer brings, I decided to pause. Incidentally, there’s a 7 Quick Takes link up so I got inspired to write and participate in it.
     For today, I am thankful for:
      1. The packs of epinephrine, asthma inhaler and antihistamine the school nurses sent back home. This meant that both Child#2 and Child#3 didn’t have any allergic reaction or asthma attack in school.
     2. The achievements each child brought home – Student of the Week, Honor Roll, High Honor Roll and impressive report cards. It certainly showed that they worked hard this past year.
    3. The practice sheets by Child#4. It was a struggle to teach this “leftie” how to form the letters properly. Now he enjoys writing sentences.
     4. A Flu-less winter. Yup, all 6 of us were clear even if we didn’t have flu shots. In fact, we didn’t have any emergency room trip this year. 
     5. Laid back mornings. My inner drill sergeant is currently on vacation too. Since the kids don’t have to be out at certain times, I’m enjoying the calmer environment. 
     6. Being able to enjoy cooking and baking again. With not much distractions like kids’ projects, homework and extra curricular activities, developing food allergy friendly recipes will be back.
     7. Just having all my 4 kids together in one place. Since they are all with me, there’s no need to panic every time the phone rings. I know they are all safe. Not to mention, it’s time for making memories together.
     How about you? What are you thankful for today? Tell us in the comments below so that we can all celebrate them.
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