A Little More Love Corazonas Heart Bars + A Giveaway

In 2016, our home had some major changes food wise. What used to be an exclusive wheat, dairy, egg, tree nut, peanut and soy free house has slowly opened to some of the top 8 allergens. While all tree nuts, peanuts and soy are still a NO-NO, wheat, egg and some dairy products are now welcomed once again.

Why the change? Well, some of the kids have outgrown some of their allergens and our allergist suggested to slowly add these food in their diet. Since their reactions occur upon ingestion only, the kids knew the drill and food restrictions no longer cause extreme hurt feelings, I agreed.

This change has gave way to more new brands of food coming to our home. One of the products that caught our family’s attention last year was the Heart Bars by Corazonas.

More than just a quick tasty treat, these Heart Bars are actually meant to be good for the heart as well. It’s made with nonGMO ingredients, loaded with wholesome fiber, made with whole grain rolled oats, low in sodium and contains plant sterols that help lower bad cholesterol.

My husband currently has high cholesterol. So on top of managing the children’s allergies, I also have to watch out for sugar, salt and fat intake of our family. Did I mention that we are a foodies too?

Anyway, after my husband, Child#1 (she outgrown all her allergies) and I tried these Heart Bars, we all agreed that these bars are one of the best tasting ones we’ve had.

The texture is similar to a thick and chewy oatmeal cookie. It is also moist and not overpoweringly sweet. When heated in the microwave for about 10 seconds, it tastes like something fresh out of the oven. I enjoy paring it with my morning coffee for breakfast or tea for an afternoon snack. Because it is loaded with fiber, a bar helps me stay full for hours.

While the Heart Bars are made primarily of oats and do not have any gluten containing ingredients, it is NOT gluten free. Why? It was not certified (a requirement by the FDA to use the “gluten free” in the labels remember?). Also, according to their website, their facility also manufactures products that contain wheat, barley, rye, peanuts and tree nuts.

Also, the Heart Bars contain egg whites, whey protein (dairy) and soy lecithin. Two flavors also contain walnuts and macadamia nuts.

I know. If they only they took the extra effort to make it gluten free, the Heart Bar could have been perfect. (That’s a big hint!)

Normally, I don’t host a giveaway if a product isn’t free of all the ingredients my children are allergic too. But this time, I’m making an exception. I found out that many you my readers also do not have food restrictions like me. We are the caretakers of the children with allergies.

Since this 2017 is the Year of Me, I’m dedicating this giveaway to all you hardworking moms. After all, you all need a healthy treat too.

Just do the steps below to get entries for a Sampler Pack of Heart Bars. Open to all US residents, 18 years old and up. Hurry giveaway ends on Feb. 1, 2017 11:59 pm EST.

Good luck!

(Note: This is a sponsored post. See my full disclosure here.)

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  1. My son has a heart transplant so we try to eat right for good health and put limits on items that are not so great

  2. Im eating better and drink lots of water. I take aspirin 81mg daily.I have mobility problems but I still walk to to get my mail three times a wk. Im always looking for snacks that are heart healthy.Thank you for the chance

  3. I try to always bake my food and avoid frying food to protect my family’s hearts. I am also making an effort to walk more and more for my heart.

    1. I love nuts too. The protein makes me full longer. Too bad, I can’t have it at home due to the kids’ allergies. What’s your favorite nut?

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