A Peek Into Our Allergy Friendly Home : Learning to Accept Help

If there’s one thing motherhood taught me, it will be to give without expecting any return. This selfless act while noble in nature can sometimes seemed to be both a blessing and a curse.

As a seasoned mom, I am so used to give and give that most of the time, I feel guilty or even inadequate if I do ask for help.  For years, I confess, I tried to do it all. In the process, I lost so much sleep, sanity and yes, a big part of me.

Eventually, I am slowly realizing and accepting that I can not do everything alone. It is totally okay to ask help. While there is so much joy in giving, there is also so much happiness to receive love and blessings from others.

Last week was a though one because of the restrictions and pain brought by my sprained ankle.  While some would really enjoy being on the couch the whole day with legs raised, I was so uneasy.

Instead of pushing myself and be that “extra mom”, I let other shower me some love and focus on my own healing.

I let the kids do most of the house work. From setting the table, heating up the food, cleaning up, laundry… each one had a task or two. To my surprise, they really did a great job and even accepted their new responsibilities with open arms.

Since I wasn’t able to drive for a week and there were errands that needed to be done, I relied on my mom tribe to get things done for me. While I know that I could always count on them when some needs arise, it really felt good to have seen their smiles as I they help me get things done.

I even get to enjoy these beautiful flowers sent by another mom friend.

If we believe in the saying “You reap what you sow.”, then we should also learn to appreciate not just giving but receiving as well.  Why is it hard to accept that we deserve good things? That the world is rewarding us for the good we’ve done.

The more we celebrate the beauty of the things blessed to us, the more we can freely give to bless others.

Have a blessed week my loves.



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