A Peek Into Our Allergy Friendly Home: Spring Break 2018

Welcome to my weekly post where I share our experiences with food allergies, things this mom are loving, articles I found helpful and anything else that was brewing in this mother’s heart the past week.  There might be some affiliate links included in this post. 

Last week was the children’s spring break. Unlike the previous years when I tried to sneak in as much outdoor activities as we can, this one was the most relaxing.

How relaxing? Well, we literally spent five days home!

At first, the mom guilt was slowly brewing inside me. Every time I scroll my Facebook timeline, I was seeing travel photos of my friends and their children. So, I would ask the kids if they wanted to there or there or even to the grocery store.  Since their responses were mostly, “It’s okay, we love it here.” or “If you like to go out, it’s okay, our big sister is here to babysit.”  I went with the flow.


Child#2 learned to crochet and now had a new hobby.


Child#1 brought out her paints and brushes from storage and began painting again.


As for the two boys, I was expecting to hear complains if I dare try to turn off the computer or their DS. Guess what? I was totally wrong. For most of the week, they were building with their Legos.

Yes, they spent quite some time on the computer watching videos of musicals. What surprised me the most though was their willingness to watch a movie or videos together.

Speaking of being together, we did go out of the house for two hours to celebrate our baby’s 9th birthday.  Since the birthday boy wanted to go to his favorite place (it was the only buffet restaurant my children with food allergies can safely go to), we all agreed. Can you believe how big my baby has gotten? I’m still on denial.


Since I have seen that the kids were actually enjoying quality family time, I decided  to  go offline and spend more time with them as well — watching musicals on YouTube, researching on how to crochet (I’m so bad at it) and what projects Child#2 can make, cooking (a full fridge and pantry always makes the kids happy) and answering whatever questions these children can come up with.

While our week sounded boring, it was far from it. In fact, we were able to make so much memories. Oh and we didn’t spend a fortune to do so.


What I’m Loving Right Now


My Downton Abbey mug from World Market. I’ve had this for years but never had the heart to use it. It’s just too pretty. What the heck? Life is too short so enjoy that pretty mug.

This Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier (All Without Driving Your Family Crazy!) book by Leah Segedie of Mamavation. I met her last Fall at the Expo East and was instantly amazed how real is she. Her warmth, humor and no holds barred attitude is a breath of fresh air in this “perfectly scripted” online community. Just like her, her book gives real tips on how to eat better, live cleaner and be happier. I’ll be writing a full review on it soon.



This massage bar from Lush.  I found this “bar lotion” while being a chaperone to my girls’ drama friends at the mall. Yes, I’m that mom who goes to the mall with a van full of teenagers (who were all taller than me).  Anyway, this winter and (spring) have been really harsh on my hands. I love how it moisturizes my hands without being sticky. Plus, it  smells so good and looks really cool too. Have you tried bar lotions?



Last but definitely not the least, my newest addition to my kitchen — a waffle maker!  I finally bought one since it was on sale and I was testing some new recipes and products. You can check out my instagram stories for the gluten free, vegan, and nut free waffle I made. 

I was teary eyed when Child#2 and #3 hugged me after they had the waffle experiment for breakfast.  She said “it was really good and she was glad to finally had a waffle.” She’s turning 13 this year by the way. Yes, we’re so used to avoiding certain foods that most people take for granted. Years ago, I cried over a donut. Now, it was the waffle’s turn.

So, how was your spring break?


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