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Now that the kids are back in school, I’m so happy to say that my blogging/work schedule is finally up in the priority list again. In fact, last week, I began to start evaluating the website.

After going through my older posts, I realized that The Frugalista Mom’s Allergy Friendly Home turned 5 years old last September 13. Yes, it has been five years since I published my very first post.

The very first photo on the blog.

Looking back, I can’t help but feel amazed. What started out as a place to share my joys and frustrations as an allergy mom became so much more. Not only was I able to share my feelings and product finds, I was able to have a community who manage food restrictions. A big bonus was that this tiny blog enabled me to directly communicate with brands as well.

As I read some of my earlier writings, something struck me. Not only were the posts more frequent, the stories were often more candid… more personal… more relevant. That was the time when I just relied on my talent and skills as a writer and doesn’t have to worry about technicalities such as SEO or FTC disclosures.

Those posts, while very simply often contain answers to most of the questions I get from you via private messages or emails. While I am open to share my views and experiences, I confess I struggle with just 24 hours each day. If you’ve contacted me, I’m sure you already know that I personally answer each questions and I talk/write a lot.

Since I try to each as many of you as possible, I decided to do something different. Starting this week and every Mondays after, I’ll be writing a post about the things that my family and I had experienced the past week. It’s a sort of week in review.  I called the series “A Peek into our Allergy Friendly Life”.

That special post will give you an idea how we cope with the daily struggles of managing food allergies, what controversial and silly topics we discussed while having dinner, weekly recipe experiment and more. My goal is not to over share but to inspire and let you know that you are not alone in this journey.

To celebrate this weekly series, I’ve decided to have a fun giveaway for a Kinzd Slim Wallet.

Cards not included

I’ve always been a big wallet person. As in my wallet is often bigger than a clutch bag! So when the people at Kinzd asked me to give their slim wallet with RFID feature, I got really curious and gave in.

What’s an RFID?

It stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This are the chips typically put into credit cards, passports and other identification cards that contain sensitive information like full name, credit card or passport numbers, date of birth etc. It is meant to help make identification or payment faster.

The downside of RFID technology is that it can be used for identity fraud. I’m sure you heard about those hackers who use scanners to get access to personal information.

Kinzd slim wallet is made to block transmission of these signals especially when the card is not in use. Aside from security, these slim wallets are made with natural leather and are made to last.

I’ve used it a lot when traveling because it holds my driver’s license, credit card, debit card, hotel key card, business cards and a few dollar bills without being bulky. Because it is really slim, it fits conveniently inside my jeans pocket. Oh, they come in fun colors too.

You can check Kinzd products in their website or at amazon. For a limited time, you can get 20% OFF by using the code KINOFF20 at checkout.


Aside from the special deal above, I’m giving away one Kinzd wallet of your choice.

To enter the giveaway, simply comment below on what type of posts or topics you would like to see more here at the blog. That’s it.

(This is open to US or Canadian residents 18 year and up. Giveaway starts Sept. 21, 2017 and ends on September 28, 2017 11:59 pm EST)

(Note: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. While no cost to you, I get a referral fee when you make a purchase using the link. This help me pay for the expenses needed to maintain the blog. Thank you so much for your continued support.)



  1. Quick, simple recipes, giveaways, things that motivate you and your family, easy crafts or fun things to do with kids–anything that makes you happy to write about will probably make you readers happy to read about it!

  2. I love this wallet. It would be great to carry anywhere! This is a real handy giveaway and this type of giveaways are much appreciated!

  3. I would like to see tips on how to be frugal with food, and shopping for the home. Those are two big areas of expense in the home

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