Almost Perfect Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza Review

      As a mom of four kids between the ages of 4 and 10, I am very much familiar with the importance of pizza.  I don’t know what’s in this dough, sauce and cheese combo that makes children and even grown ups get excited.  Okay, I confess I love the thin crust, meat loaded one.  In fact, it was my biggest craving while pregnant with my eldest. 
       Anyway, when we got the news that we must remove food with gluten, egg, dairy, soy etc. in our home because of Child #3’s very high risk for anaphylaxis, the one thing that got the kids really worried is the fact that they may not able to eat a slice of pizza ever again.  Though I was able to make a safe pizza for them, I still went on and looked around for pizza places that might offer something that will be appropriate for their food requirement.  A task quite challenging even though we live in a place surrounded with family owned pizzeria in every corner.
       Then low and behold, I accidentally found out online that the national chain Dominos started to offer a gluten free pizza crust.  After carefully examining the ingredients for the sauce and toppings, I was able to get an almost perfect food allergy friendly pizza treat.  I ordered a pie with a Gluten free pizza crust, Domino’s original sauce, topped with Ham and Sausage. 

       Just a quick note.  Domino’s has a disclaimer that their facilities/stores are not completely gluten free. Though they try to provide gluten free options, there is still a risk of cross contamination.  I like that they are completely honest about it.  That’s why I relied on the consideration of the branch where I ordered my pie.  So far, the one that is closest to our place, was very accommodating and took extra care and caution.  


       When the pizza arrive, I’m a bit disappointed with the size.  I know it mentioned 10 inch pie but it didn’t say it will be thin crust!  We have 6 testers remember?  Anyway, I was surprised that the pizza tasted like a normal pizza.  The crust in particular is quite good. It has a bread like texture and the sides are crunchy.  It is very similar to that of a regular thin crust. There is also no after taste that is common among gluten free products. 

       My children who can have dairy, really enjoyed the pizza and gave it a thumbs up.  Child #3 who has a milk allergy but can tolerate small amounts of cheese ate a slice too.  His smile while eating was priceless.  Though he didn’t show any reactions after eating, I am not pushing my luck.  After all he is the high risk one. 

       If only Domino’s can extend the effort and offer a dairy free cheese option.  Their Gluten Free Pizza, allergy friendly pizza could have been perfect. Oh well, there’s no harm in hoping.  Who knows? Maybe in the next year or so.  In the mean time, 2 out of my 4 can have a safe take out pizza.  That makes me a happy mommy. 




  1. Hey Roz! I know a lot of local pizzerias will sell just their dough, or even a pre-cooked crust so you can make your own pizza at home. Will your local Domino's do that for you so you can do one your #3 can have?

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