Ask TFM: Ask Me Anything This August

So much has changed since I started this blog. During the earlier stages, I was just posting allergy friendly recipes and products my children love. At the back of my mind, it is simply my way of documenting what my kids can have.

After a few months (years), I found out that there are also moms like me. Mamas who are struggling with their own or their children’s allergies. Eventually, I got messages from you asking things like

  • “How do you handle birthday party invites?”
  • “What do you do when your child was the only one excluded?”
  • “Do you let them join after school activities?”
  • “What lipstick do you use?”
  • “How do you teach your teenage daughter proper skin care?”

That’s when I realized that there is so much more going on when we talk about food allergies. In fact, living with food allergies isĀ  totally a different type of “lifestyle” — a way of life that balances what’s “normal” while making sure the children will stay away from reactions.

After years of managing food allergies, I have so many things to share. Prioritizing which topic to write about is the problem.


To solve this editorial issue and to better provide content for you, I made a category called AskTFM. Here, I’ll try to answer those questions that have been lingering in your mind and are important to you.

Do you have an AskTFM question you’d like me to answer here?

Let me know.


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