ASPCA Kids: Rescue Readers Children’s Book Series

One of the challenges of having kids with allergies is not having a pet a home. While we do have Smiley, a hermit crab who happens to be a part of our family for two years now, the children still longed for another member whom they can all interact more.

Since having a live furry pet is still a big no-no, we relied on the next best thing — books! That is why when the people at Moms Meet asked me to review a book series on animals by Studio Fun International called ASPCA: Rescue Readers, I didn’t hesitate at all.

Rescue Readers Series

You may ask, what’s so special about this new ASPCA: Rescue Readers book series? Well, I have 4 big reasons to support this book series.

1.Each story is inspired by a real life animal rescue story from the pet’s point of view and includes facts and photographs of the actual pet that inspired the story.

2.Each book creates a fun and educational hands on experience written at a Level 2 reading level for early readers.

3. The importance of care, protection and love of animals is incorporated into each tale with a focus on the joyous outcome.

4.4-5% of the purchase price of each book goes directly to ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to help continue its mission.


You should have seen how my children’s eyes lit up when they saw the covers of the four books. Right away, it registered to them that these stories are about some furry friends that they would like to have someday.

Rescue Readers Book Series

I was also surprised when Child#1 volunteered to read aloud and everyone agreed to listen right away. The kids’ ages are 7,9, 10 and 12. It was really impressive to see how a book meant for younger readers actually caught their attention and interest in spite of their age differences.

As a mom, I liked that the Rescue Reader series was written in the point of view of the animal. This allows the readers to realize that animals do have feelings and emotions too. It also makes them aware that pets are really part of the family.

I think this series is not only entertaining but a great way to prepare kids about the responsibilities of having a pet. It teaches them empathy as well as sensitivity to another creature’s needs.

At $3.99 a book or $15.96 for four, this series is definitely worth every penny.

My kids and I can’t wait for the next books in the series soon.


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