Bake Sale for Typhoon Haiyan Survivors in the Philippines

Bake sales and food allergies don’t usually go together.  In fact, that combination is one of a food allergy mom’s worse nightmares.  Ah! That dreaded table of scrumptious treats paired with stares of longing never fail to break a mother’s heart.
Last weekend though, I learned a very important lesson from my children. They taught me that food allergies cannot stop them from doing something that is close to their hearts.  When they heard about the devastation caused by typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, without any hesitation, they said “Let’s do a bake sale to raise money for the people affected! We’ll bake something that even those with food allergies like us can buy.”
The idea sounded great.  If they would actually do it, seriously, I’m not sure.  To test whether this is something they would really do, I told them, I will give them the spot of Jaydemia (my jewelry business) at the craft show the next day if they would help bake and clean up the house.  All four were excited.
The first hour went well.  In fact, it was fun and amusing because whatever I say, they follow without any complaints or arguments.  After the third batch of  the Pumpkin Oat Muffins came out of the oven, I realized that these kids are quite serious with the challenge. When was the last time a batch of muffins lasted untouched for more than two hours in our home?   Never until last Saturday!
 When I told them that the more goodies we bake, the more money we can make, they became extra eager to be involved.  My oldest hand washed dishes and measuring utensils like crazy without any word.  Child # 2  and #3 kept on asking what they will do next.  Even Child #4 was able to keep the living room floor clean!
The following day, the girls who promised to sell the baked goods, woke up at 6 am so that they could set up at the craft show before 8 am.  They worked for the full 8 hours and only took a few minutes of break to eat lunch, making sure that one of them will be available to man the table.   I kept my distance and gave them full control of their table.  Unless they ask for help (giving change for big bills), I just observed.  Honestly, I was totally amazed on how they’ve handled the bake sale. They shared stories about their previous trip to the Philippines and even their food allergies.
At the end of the day, they were able to sell everything and even had some orders and pledges.  After learning that were able to sell more than $250 that day, the girls decided to continue accepting orders for the holidays to reach their Goal of $1,000 donation for the typhoon survivors.
          All proceeds of the bake sale will be donated to:
1. The Association of Bantayanons in America, Inc. (A 501.c3 organization based in the US whose members are from Bantayan Islands.)
    *  I have been supporting this group’s livelihood projects even before the calamity.
2. De La Salle University Philippines Disaster Relief Program. (Here’s the direct donation link)
    * My Alma Mater! I used to be part of the group’s volunteers during my college days.
 As of this posting, the total money we have raised including orders and pledges is now $578.00.
I have to say, I was really surprised how the kids have made their food restrictions a plus instead of a hindrance.  Not only are they doing something for people 8,000 miles away, they are proudly advocating food allergies here in our town.
There’s so much I wanted to write but our little oven is calling me.  To end up, I’ll borrow my girls’ line —- “Will you help?”
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