This page is dedicated to my favorite brand Beautycounter.  It is our go to for skincare, bath & body and make up products.

I don’t believe one has to compromise her own health for beauty. That’s a huge price to pay right? That’s why the company’s mission “To get safer products into the hands of everyone” is very close to my heart.

If you are an avid label reader like me, the company made it easier for us by being very transparent with all the ingredients and manufacturing processes. They even banned 1800 toxic and questionable ingredients from their products. 

Did I mention that their products work really well too?

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My Current Faves

Basic Everyday Look 

  • Tint Skin Foundation in Honey
  • Volumizing Mascara
  • Sheer Lipstick in Rose

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The Look Collection

Whether you are going for the Classic, Romantic or Statement look, Beautycounter did the hard work for you.  Each set contains 4 products (eyeshadow palette, lipstick, eye line and bronzer/highlighter) that go perfectly together. You can even customize it according to your skin tone.

Current Beautycounter Promo

Because I really want you to start using safer cosmetics and skin care products, I’m personally giving you these bonuses:

When you shop this month, for every purchase you make with a total of $100 and up, I will send you a $10 cash back. Just let me know via email ( 

You’ll also receive the special handmade crocheted beauty bag seen below.

* Beautycounter products shown not included