Book Review: A Wingman for Christmas

Since it’s the holidays, I have another book review and yes, a giveaway just for you. This time it is a novel by Barbara Barth called A Wingman for Christmas. With just 195 pages, this book is the perfect me time indulgence. Grab a cup of tea and let Cheryl, Mama and Nigel take you on one exciting adventure that will definitely stir that Christmas spirit in you.

Book Summary

The Annual Sweet Water, Georgia, Christmas parade is nearing but relationships are fractured on Wild Rose Lane. Antique dealer Cheryl Calloway’s holiday spirit was tanked. It’s been a horrible year with her divorce, her ex marrying a younger and perkier Miriam across the street, and Mama moving into Cheryl’s Victorian cottage with her Amazon parrot right before Thanksgiving. A party girl in her eighties, Mama smokes up a storm, likes her nightly vodka, has a hankering for men, and now wingman named Nigel. If that isn’t enough, the Historical Society wants Cheryl to clean up all the projects on her porch waiting to go to Spivey’s Antique Mall for their Christmas Open House. Her desire to work her booth is as dead as her marriage. Miriam, President of the Historical Society, chastises her, “If it ain’t pretty don’t put it on the porch.” Then there’s Alice, her strange neighbor with a six-foot fluorescent light bulb cross nailed to the huge Magnolia tree in the middle of her rose garden. Alice watches all the neighbors too closely. Just when Cheryl thinks things can’t get worse, an incident shakes her to the core, and a mystery follows revealing family secrets long forgotten. Cheryl wants to believe in miracles and love again, and Dr. James may just be the man of her dreams as he helps her and Mama sort things out.

Filled with quirky characters, mystery, family secrets, and sweet love, all set in a hot Georgia small town.

The Review

Very well written, this Sweet Water Novella is easy to read but hard to put down. The author did a great job keeping the reader interested and even make them feel that they are indeed part of the story. The characters have colorful personalities yet are very much relatable. I’m sure we all know a Mama, Cheryl or Alice in our own neighborhood.

If you are a fan of Hallmark Christmas movies, this book is definitely for you. Small town setting, unexpected life changes, mysterious incidents, family conflict and yes, a little love story waiting to bloom. This feel good book will surely bring the holiday spirit.

Oh, don’t forget the other main character in the book — Nigel. The lovely yet mischievous pet that has the magic ability to bring people together!

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