Book Review: Hug Everyone You Know

Once is a while, you will find a book that is so close to home which will make you ask “Do I have the heart to continue reading?” This is exactly what I experienced when I read the book Hug Everyone You Know by Antoinette Truglio Martin. As a full disclosure, I received a free copy of the book to review.

Cancer runs in my family. My first experience with this disease started during the early 80’s when my paternal grandmother had a mastectomy. Though I was less than seven years old at that time, I learned so much. After a series of treatments, my grandmother beat the big C and continued to live a full life until her late 90’s. Not only did she see me graduate college, she also saw most of her great grandchildren.

That kind of luck did not extend to the other side of my family though. I lost both my maternal grandmother and my mom’s sister to cancer. Even with treatments and more advance technology of the 90’s and early 2000’s, they both lost their respective battles within six months from the initial diagnosis. Oh, and these two women were considered the healthiest ones in our family.

Hug Everyone You Know, A Year of Community, Courage and Cancer is a book that highlights the daily struggles, victories and routines of a woman battling breast cancer. It’s honest, heart pinching and surprisingly funny.

Antoinette Martin not only gave an personal account of the realities of living with cancer, she also pointed out the importance of having a loving and supportive community.

If you or someone who know is currently undergoing cancer treatments or is a family member of a cancer patient, this book is worth sharing. It not only gives light to the daily challenges of the fight but also gives hope to everyone affected.

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  1. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. This was very unexpected as I was healthy and took very good care of myself. I had to have chemo, and radiation which depleted my strength. I realized that I needed to build up my reserves on my own so I walked each day and continue my regimen. This book would be a treasure which I would cherish as it is meaningful and gives me insight into another woman’s struggle. Thank you for your lovely feature and giveaway.

    1. Hi Anne,

      Sending you lots of hugs. My godmother was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Even though it is not the first or even second time our family has to deal with the big ‘c’, it never gets easy. I’m sure you will love this book.

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