Book Review: Your Next Level Life

It’s meant to be…

This was the first thing that came to my mind when I finished this book by Karen Arrington. You see when I received the email that invited me to review the book, my initial reaction was… “No, I’ll pass. This is not for me.”

I know what you are thinking. “Am I really serious when I said that I am not interested on a Self Help book?”

Well, I actually was really curious. The author is the founder of the Miss Black USA Pageant & Scholarship Fund and has dedicated her life to mentoring black women. What made me a bit hesitant to read it is that I felt that this book was intended only to a specific group of people — black women. Will I be able to find it relevant to me? I am Asian.

After several emails about the book, a big part of me, finally said to go for it. It’s a book review after all.

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The Review

When I finally got a hold of my copy of Your Next Level Life, 7 Rules of Power Confidence, and Opportunity for Black Women in America, I was instantly drawn to the cover. The bight burst of color against the pink backdrop shows the complexities of womanhood. While the all caps font denotes power and authority.

As I turn each page, I realized that this 150-page book is packed with so much empowering content. The author used a friendly and honest tone that felt like a friend is actually talking directly at you. Definitely not preachy or idealistic at all.

The 7 Rules presented in the book are practical and manageable. Funny how the author already thought about the self doubts that the reader might feel while reading. She actually mentioned it in each chapter and has also written action steps on how to tackle the issue. There are even pages meant for the reader to write their own thoughts and action plan.

Enlightening, powerful and realistic. This book encourages the readers to take a look on themselves — what they really like, what they are gifted with, what situation they are in and how to navigate the waters so that they can unleash that power within.

While the author might have intended this book for Black Women in America, her message is applicable to any woman regardless of their age, race or nationality. This is for women who want to improve and move to the next level of their lives.

If you are a woman and is looking for inspiration, motivation and support to, this book is for us. That’s why it’s finding a way to reach us. Yes, it’s meant to be.

Have you read this book? Let me know what you think.


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