Constant Change

   When I was a child, there was a very popular song entitled Constant Change. Basically, the message was “Life is constantly changing and we have to move along.”
      Lately, I’m sure you noticed that I haven’t been posting much. It’s not because I’m not committed on writing anymore or I have nothing more to share about food allergies.
     In fact, it is the exact opposite. I have so much to share. Aside from new recipes and product finds, I also would like to talk more about our daily struggles and adventures living this allergy friendly lifestyle including restaurants we frequently go to, home management and yes my own personal goals as a mom.
     For years, I tried to limit myself in writing. Most of the time, editing what I truly feel because I fear that I am sharing too much.  After months of self searching and evaluation, I realized that the more I edited my writing, the more it became difficult for me. How come I can readily talk about allergies to other people yet I’m scared to write it down?
      So, after so many days and nights of contemplating, I decided it’s time to move out of my comfort zone. Starting this August, you will see big changes here at The Frugalista Mom’s Allergy Friendly Home. Changes I’m really excited to share with you. We’ve been friends for years now yet I feel that I never really welcomed you into my home.
     As I embrace this new perspective, I ask that you also open up and share with me what you truly feel inside –  Ask me questions, share your ideas, tell me your experiences… I love to hear all of it. You can reach me in the comments section, twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even thru a direct email
     Thank you for being with me for almost 3 years. Here’s to many more years together.


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