CSCS Anti-Aging Serum for the Face Review

Normally, I don’t talk about beauty, more so, skin care. Though I love my bright red lipsticks (Yes, that’s with an S) and rarely go out of the house without it, I’m generally a no fuss person especially when it comes to skin care routines. My arsenal is nothing more than a good facial wash and a moisturizer with SPF. That’s it!

For years, I’ve heard so much about the importance of having anti-aging products. It was only recently though that I started to be curious. Why? Let’s just say that I realized that I’m turning 37 in a few months. Plus, I’m beginning to notice fine lines and yes, grays. Is it really that fast?
So when a CSCS, the makers of Hyaluronic Acid With Vitamin C Serum offered me to review their product, I accepted it with an open mind.     For starters, I like that this Vitamin C Serum is made with 100% natural plant based ingredients. It is manufactured in a eco-friendly, cruelty free environment. Most importantly, it has no animal products and is not tested on animals. Also, it is free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, sulfates and alcohol. Beauty product ingredients that I became very particular with after I learned about my children’s allergies.

According the makers, this Hyaluronic Acid With Vitamin C Serum restores the skin from inside out. It is rich in antioxidants, UV protection and moisturizing nutrients that penetrates deep in the skin to strengthen and defend the skin against damage from free radicals and unfavorable environmental conditions. It eliminates fine lines, wrinkles and evens out skin tone. The formula carefully combines natural ingredients such as essential oils, hydrosols, botanicals, herbal and fruit extracts.

After using the product for a week, I did notice some skin tightening. My pores did look smaller. Though my brown spots didn’t seem to lighten or disappear, I’m quite happy with the change in my skin’s texture.  It’s smoother and softer.

Also, I liked how it felt in my skin. It’s light and not greasy at all. There’s no stinging as well. I have combination, sensitive skin.  I easily break out, experience redness or my skin easily peels when something harsh is put on my face. So far, I just experience a little peeling after using the product for 2 days. After that, there’s really no significant reactions.

Even if I haven’t seen the big promises the product has claimed yet, (I just used it for a little over a week), I decided to still use the remaining product to see if there will be a big change in my skin particularly the age spots.

Did you know that the product comes with a 100% money back guarantee? Yes, the company is so confident on their product buying it is totally risk free. You can buy the Hyaluronic Acid With Vitamin C Serum
now for a sale price of $24.99.

What’s in your basic skin regimen? Love to hear your tips.

(Note: I received free product from the distributor for this review. This set up however doesn’t affect my opinions and experiences about the product. Also, this post contains affiliate links which help in the maintenance of this site. Thank you for support. Please see my full disclosure here.)



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