Deal Alert: Food Allergy Friendly Desserts at ACME Superstore

 Last night, instead of going to an ice cream shop for dessert, I headed to the local Acme Superstore.  There are some great deals which I can’t help but share.  
      Just a quick note, most sales on Acme run Friday to Thursday.  This deal will be available until July 17, 2014.
      Time to stock up. 
     Philly Swirl Cups with Candy (6 cups a box) – $3.99 regular price
     On Sale for $2.99 
     Used $1.00 Coupon (from Sunday paper last month)
     Final price : $1.99/box
     Luigi’s Italian Ice (6 cups a box) – $4.99 regular price
     On Sale for $1.99 
     Used  $1.00 for 2 Coupon (this Sunday’s paper)   
               $0.50 Coupon (from a previous box)
               $0.50 Store match coupon discount
     Final price : $3.97 for 3 boxes
     Enjoy Life Chocolate Bars – $1.99/pc. regular price
     On Sale for $1.79 
     Goldbaums Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones – $4.99/box (12 pcs.)
     On Sale for $3.79

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