Deal Alert: Free Epipen Case and $0 Co-Pay Card 2014

       Did you know that for a limited time, Mylan (the makers of Epipen) are giving away a free carrying case?  I received mine last week and it was not bad at all.  I like that it is black and it is made with a padded material.  It comfortably fits 2 dosages and has enough for several tablets of antihistamine.  The outside hook is a bonus too.  One feature I wish it had is insulation.  With the warmer temperatures coming, insulation is really important to keep medication in top condition.  Oh well, one can’t have everything right?

      So how will you get your freebie?  Simply, go to their website and register your current Epi-pens.  By doing so, you not only get the carrying case, you will have the option to receive a reminder when your stock expires. Believe me, there’s nothing worse than having expired medicines especially when you need it the most.  
       While you are at their site, don’t forget to print a new $0 Co-pay card.  With the new school year coming, it will really come in handy.  For those who doesn’t know about the $0 Co-pay card, Mylan will shoulder your insurance co pay (up to $100) when you purchase or refill a 2 dosage pack of Epi-pen or Epipen Jr.  So, if your co-pay is $100 or less, you will pay nothing for up to 3 boxes of ephinephrine!  If your required co-pay is more, then you automatically get $100 off.  Still sweet right?  
      Since I have 2 children who each have a prescription for it, I print a card for each child.  With that offer, I get 6 boxes for Free.  Do I all get them at the same time?  No! I get 1 for each child about two months before the ones we have expire.  Keep in the mind that the shelf life of the medicine is about 1 year.  Then, I purchase 1 more just before school starts.  This is for school. Lastly, if I’m fortunate not to use current stash, I get my bonus pack before the offer expires on December 31, 2014.  
     Just a heads up, those who have Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE or federal/state health care plan are ineligible for the $0 Co-Pay card offer.  They could still get the carrying case for free though.  
      Hope you’ll find this offer helpful as well.  Don’t forget to share the love to your friends are well.
  – Roz

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