DVD of the Month: The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About Space + Giveaway

Late last year, I finally realized and accepted that I’m not longer a mom of young children. In 2016, my oldest became a teenager and my last baby turned 7 years old. Though I tried to deny it, they are now becoming more independent and are slowly having their own preferences and social lives.

Even if I try to limit their activities to only 1-2 per child, I’m starting to miss those times wherein we all just chill out on the couch, watch one show or do one activity together. Yes, we still eat breakfast and dinner as a family. (Yay!) But apart from that, it is hard to get them to agree on doing one thing at the same time. I admit having multiple laptops, desktops and a tablet while helpful for school work, do not help in keeping them (us) together.

Since I can’t control their growth and the passing of time, I decided to start a simple tradition where we can share each others’ company without breaking the bank. This February, all six of us agreed to have a monthly movie night here at home. This means, all electronics will be turned off, well hang out on the sofa and watch DVD.

To make sure that we will not miss this activity, I’ll be writing about the experience every single month for the whole year. Thus the DVD of the Month Series is born.

For the month of February, we watched Cat in the Hat: Knows a Lot About Space. This 60 minute animated video surprisingly was enjoyed by the kiddos who are between the ages of 7-13. I was a little worried at first because I thought the two older ones may find it too childish.

Then again, I was wrong. While the story is quite simple, “Cat, Nick and Sally found a Robotic dog in their backyard which after gathering samples blasted off out of space. Being curious, the three friends headed out to space and started searching for the robotic dog.” the adventure story was able to get everyone’s attention. That included me and my husband. I guess, The Cat in the Hat still has that ageless appeal.

After the movie, everyone had their own ideas to share. It was a real conversation starter. And since none of the kids was able to preview the movie or watched a teaser, everyone was on equal footing.

Who knew our first DVD of the month viewing will be such a success?

To celebrate the launching of this DVD of the Month Series and to pay tribute to Dr. Seuss on his birthday, our friends from N Circle Entertainment would love to give a copy of the DVD we watched to one US lucky reader (18 years +)

Yes! We’re having a giveaway. Just do the steps below to get free entries.

Hurry, giveaway ends on March 17, 2016 11:59 pm EST.

Do you have a special family night tradition too? Can’t wait to hear from you.

(Note: This is a sponsored post and it contains affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure here.)

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  1. I would have to say green eggs and ham omg! My granddaughter laughs so hard when I read her that book her little giggle and snort when she laughs lol

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