Gluten Free Corn Dog Muffins

   Last week, while the kids and I were talking about the coming fair in our town, Child#2 and Child#3 both made a wish.  Both were hoping they could eat a corn dog just like their other siblings.  Yes, my eldest and youngest recently outgrew their allergies and both were to order corn dogs when we eat out.   


    As a food allergy mom, simple requests such this always pinch my heart. No matter how many years we’ve managed their food restrictions without any complains, hearing them long for something especially food makes me really uncomfortable. If I only knew how to make their allergies go away.  
     Then with some divine intervention, a packaged containing a GF Jules corn bread mix arrived in my house.  It was a prize I won in one of Vegetarian Momma’s giveaway I entered in months ago. What a coincident right? 
     Since I haven’t really tried making my own corn dogs on a stick, I asked the kids if they would be interested to try a Corn Dog in the shape of a muffin.  To my surprise, they were all excited with the idea.  They just reminded me of the two things that are important to them — taste and the surprise in the middle.  
     Without any coercing, I gathered all my ingredients and said a quick prayer to make sure that the end result will turn out good.  After carefully preparing the batter and making sure I totally covered the kielbasa slices, I crossed my fingers while I waited for it to bake.  
   The final product as you can see below is beautiful. Though it’s not as brown or yellow as most corn breads are, the muffins were very moist and delicious. Even if the sausage in the middle gave off some of its juices, it didn’t make the inside soggy.  In fact, it made it more flavorful.  
     It was really a fun and yummy experiment. Thank you GF Jules and Vegetarian Momma for making it easier for this mom.  As you may have already known, the kids’ smiles brought by these simple treats are indeed priceless. 
      Are you ready to give this recipe a try? Let me know how it went.  



1 box GF Jules Gluten Free Corn Bread Mix
2 6 oz. containers So Delicious Coconut Yogurt (vanilla flavor)
1/2 cup So Delicious Coconut Milk (sweetened vanilla)
1/2 Harvestland Polish Pork Kielbasa
1 Tbs. flax meal
3 Tbs. lukewarm water

Optional toppings:
1/4 cup Daiya Cheddar style shreds
2 Tbs. Earth Balance Buttery Spread (soy free for us)

1. Fill a saute pan with 2 cups of water.  Add the kielbasa and bring the water to a boil. Then let it simmer for 10 minutes. Take off from heat and set aside.
2. While heating the kielbasa, preheat the oven to 400 F. Line about 15 muffin crevices with either silicone cups or paper liners.
3. In a small bowl, combine the flax meal and water to make a goo. Set aside for at least 5 minutes before using.
4. In a big bowl, with the help of a fork, whisk together the yogurt and flax goo until well incorporated.
5. Add the corn bread mix.
6. Slowly add the coconut milk. Mix well with a fork.  If the batter seems too thick add more coconut milk, 1 tablespoon at a time until the batter is smooth.
7. Fill the prepared muffin tins with the batter.  Make sure it each is just half full.
8. Cut the kielbasa into 1 inch thick circles.
9. Place one slice of kielbasa in the middle of each muffin.  Make sure that the meat is completely covered by the batter.
10. Bake in the oven for 20- 22 minutes
11. Remove from the oven and cool for a few minutes before serving.  The inside will be very hot.

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