Faces of Food Allergies: Hayden’s Educational Video

    If living with food allergies is not challenging and overwhelming enough, educating those who luckily don’t deal with it can be another daunting task.
  As food allergy families, I’m sure we have already acquired numerous stories regarding misinformation and struggles with school officials, teachers or fellow parents. Some were even labelled as “difficult”, avoided or worse left out.
    We may have different experiences on how our community has accepted our child’s condition. One thing however, holds true and that is we our children with food allergies be safe and have a normal life.  Something we can only achieve if we help educate others about this topic.


     Today, I was very fortunate to see this video by one of my online mom friends, Emily Wrann. It features her son Hayden who’s another Face of Food Allergies.  This video though less than four minutes long is a powerful tool that we can use to teach young kids and even grown ups on how it’s like to deal with someone with food allergies.


     Is there something special you or your family is doing to celebrate Food Allergy Awareness Week? Please let me know by posting a comment below or send me a message at thefrugalistamom@gmail.com.
      I’m sure many parents and siblings would be happy to read about it.
      Together, we can make a difference.

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