The Power of an Inspirational Necklace

Before our food allergy journey, I have a growing jewelry business which I run from home.

Though it was no where near my husband’s income, the business has enabled me to have some luxuries while taking care of the kids full time. At that time, I was able to send my two older children to a Catholic school, go to out of the country trips and finance my passion for fashion without touching our family budget. (Yes, aside from cooking, baking and writing, this mom is also a fashionista deep down.)


After all four children were properly diagnosed with their allergies, I was caught in a very difficult dilemma. Not only did I have to change our diet and make it allergy friendly, I also found out that maintaining a lifestyle with allergies, eczema and asthma to consider is a full time job on it’s own.

As much as I want to “have it all”, there’s no way I can keep up with all the demands of being full time food allergy mom and entrepreneur.  I have to sacrifice something. Guess what I gave up?


It has been 5 years since that choice.  I have accepted that our food allergy journey will not end any time soon. 

As with any medical condition, there were so ups and downs. So many questions yet no definite answers or solutions. I have come to accept bittersweet stories whenever we go to the allergist’s office.

Where do I get my strength to stay positive? On simple unexpected things like my favorite inspirational necklaces which I wear close to my heart.

tribe necklaces

Reading these phrases allows me to be hopeful when things don’t seem to go my way and confident whenever I doubt my capabilities or situation.

Who knew fashion can have a deeper purpose?

What trinkets do you have that help you stay inspired?

Love to hear from you.




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