First Anniversary Giveaway – Soap Box Soaps

        I can’t believe we are on the final stretch of 2013.  Wasn’t it just yesterday when I started this blog out of desperation? Well, guess what? The family made it!  We were able to live normally (most of it) for more than a year in spite of the challenges brought about by multiple food and environmental allergies.      To celebrate this 1st birthday milestone, I have organized a series of giveaways featuring products from some awesome friends I have met along the way. First on the list is Soap Box Soaps.

This company which was started (and still run) by young individuals, not only provides high quality handmade natural soaps but helps save lives as well.  With every purchase of a bar of soap, liquid soap or hand wash, the company donates either a soap bar, fresh water or vitamin supplement to a child in need.  For the past two years, they have already given soaps to numerous homeless shelters and nursing homes here in the United States.  The generosity didn’t stop there.  Through their partner charities, they were able to reach people in other countries such as the recent victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.



          If their mission to help others isn’t enough to entice you, I’m pretty sure their products will.  In preparation for this giveaway, our friends from Soap Box Soaps, sent me the goodies below.  At first, I was surprised why they have decided not to include their famous soap bars for the review.  After going through their website, I realized that their soap bars contain soybean oil which is an ingredient we avoid to have in the house.  This little detail meant so much to me because I felt that they actually care.
         One of the things I noticed with both the hand soap and body wash was their scent.  It smelled fresh and was not overpowering like most scented products do.  The Tea and Ginger body wash in particular, was very refreshing and invigorating.  Perfect for morning showers as it “wakes up” the senses and leaves the skin really moisturized.  Even Child #1 who has the most sensitive and dry skin in the family loved it.  From someone who has been a fan of small batch handmade artisan soaps, the quality of the ingredients used in each product definitely make it stand out.
          About the giveaway, 2 lucky readers here in the United States will each receive a gift pack from Soap Box Soaps. The gift pack contains a full sized hand wash and body wash.  What are you waiting for?


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