Friday Favorites

This summer, my goal was to let our family relax more. Since I didn’t pack our calendar with ridiculous activities and even let the kids stay in their pajamas the whole day, I realized that we’re having so much fun “chillaxing” that we lost track of time.

Instead of Monday, Fridays became our big day. It is the time when we can prepare for a big weekend trip or simply determine if we were able to finish what should be done by now.

For me, Fridays allow me to reflect on the good things that happened the whole week. It helped appreciate more what I had and be thankful for it. Without further into… here’s this week’s list.

photo courtesy of AMC

Favorite Movie

Since last week, my teenagers and their friends were begging to be their movie chaperone. Because I love them to pieces, all 12 of us (Yes, I have 11 teens with me) watched Crazy Rich Asians yesterday.

I have to say, we all had a great time. Have you seen it already?

Favorite Allergy Friendly Food 

I first found this at my local Costco. So surprised that it is gluten, dairy, egg, soy, tree nuts and peanut free. It worked really well with my air fryer and the kids can’t get enough of it.

photo courtesy of Raymour Flannegan

Favorite Space

After 16 years, we finally threw away our sofa and love seat set and got this sectional. Now our family of 6 comfortably fits.

We have a small living room and I thought big furniture will make it smaller. Guess what, I was wrong. The space was maximized and it’s also perfect when we have company.

Favorite Beauty Product

This summer has been really hot and humid. My face really showed it — super oily and shiny.¬† This mattifying powder is a life saver. Even if I don’t feel like wearing any make up, this freshens my face and gives me that soft, “I made an effort today” look.

My teenage girls love this too as it absorbs oil and just enhances our natural skin tone.


That’s all for now.

Enjoy the weekend!

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