Friday Favorites: Kimono, Throat care & Work From Home Opportunity

Today marks the full month of our family staying home. While I’m not a big fan of changes, I am so happy to finally get back on what I love best — that is sharing with you what I feel, what I made and what products I found. Yes, I finally caught that “spark” which inspired me to blog and start TheFrugalistaMOM.

During the earlier days of TFM, Friday Favorites has been something many of you has enjoyed. That’s why I finally decided to bring it again. Of course, it also contains great deals which I’m sure you’ll enjoy too.

So, without further intro, here’s what made me smile and excited this week.

(Note: This post contains affiliate links. While now extra cost to you, I’ll get a commission when you make a purchase using the links. See my full disclosure here. Thanks so much for your support. )

Buy One Get One Free Kimonos

It’s easy to just wear pj’s 24 hours especially if I know that I will NOT be going out of the house. After a month though, I feel that dressing up (even a little) can instantly lift my mood and actually help me accomplish more throughout the day. These kimonos are not only light and comfortable, it also makes it easy to look pulled together. No wonder Chrissy Teigan loves it.

Right now, you can get two for less than $25 (shipping included). Use the code SPRINGBOGO at checkout. This is good until 4/21/2020.

Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Throat Spray

My kids and I have been using this throat spray since fall 2019. Not only does it work help soothe dry, itchy and painful sore throat, it also works fast.

Since it is made with all natural ingredients, it can be used often and no side effects. A note though to those who are allergic to bees. This product contains bee propolis extract which can cause severe allergic reactions.

It is now 50% OFF plus if you are a new Wedderspoon customer, here’s 15% OFF coupon from me.

Beautycounter Business for just $100

My girls and I have been using Beautycounter products for almost two years now. I love how the company takes ingredient disclosure seriously (something that is really important to us managing allergies). Plus, the products work really well. Often times way better than the popular brands (both natural and toxic laden ones).

If you are contemplating of supplementing your income or having some income while home, right now is the best way to join. For the month of April, Consultant Enrollment is FREE (a $98 value) when you purchase a Starter Kit.

Product starter kits normally start around $300. But this time, you can get a Starter Kit as low as $100! Not only can you start using products, you will also be able to send samples to at least 50 potential clients to begin the ball rolling for your business.

You can check Beautycounter products now or send me an email at if you have any questions or you want a product sample. I’m more than happy to answer your questions — no pressures to join.

The Book of Love

Being stuck home with so much uncertainty always takes a toll in our mental health. Whether we accept it or not, they are days when it is so hard to get out of bed or even smile. This pandemic brings forth feelings of depression, isolation, unworthiness and even uselessness.

The Book of Love by Jenny Umali has been a great source strength, purpose and motivation. Aside from the ebook, the audio version contains a 10 minute meditation that can instantly lift my mood. I like praying it every morning as I prepare my coffee.

While you’re at her site, don’t forget to download the Self-love mindset meditation video. It is FREE!

Project Healing Hands

With all the kids’ activities being cancelled, as a family, we thought of doing a Care Package Drive for our hardworking local health care workers.

This project aims to help take care of the hands of the nurses, doctors and other health care front liners who have been working non stop for the past few weeks.

You can learn more about the Healing Hands project and we hope you can support this very important cause as well.

What are you loving this week?


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