Friday Freebies: Be Healthier this Fall with Natural Remedies Ebooks

       This weekend is the official start of Fall.  As majority enjoy the gorgeous changes of the leaves and cooler temperature,  many, including our household are now suffering from seasonal allergies.   Ragweed, pollen, dust mites are some of best enemies.  What’s yours?
        Though we have prescriptions on hand, I am always in a look out for natural ways to alleviate the symptoms of runny nose, headache, sneezing and so on.  As along as there are no bad side effects, (which most medicines have anyway), I am more willing to try anything. 
        For those who are interested in trying natural remedies, check out these freebies I found today.  From simple headaches, to sneezing and even asthma, there are so many recipes you can try.  Personally,  I think these are handy to have since we all have a long and challenging fall- winter seasons ahead.
       What are you waiting for? Click away! 


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