Friday Freebies: Easy Meals for Busy Days Ebooks

     This week was a crazy one for me and our family.  I can’t believe all the activities were packed this week as if there’s not tomorrow.  The CCD classes for the 3 kids just started.  Then I  have to attend 3 Back to School Nights. Plus the first Cub Scout meeting took place. By yesterday afternoon, poor Child #3 barely have enough energy for his usual Karate lessons. Oh, did I mention that each kid has at least 2  homework every night to be submitted the following day? 
        It was the type of week were Take Out or the Drive Thru could have been my BFF.  Sadly, as a food allergy family, that option is no longer on the list.  
      The good news is that, we made it!  Yes, it’s Friday already.  With a little help from the rice cooker, microwave, crock pot and trusted easy recipes, we were able to breeze through this chaotic 5 day spree without the kids complaining of hunger.  Why do they have to eat so much anyway?  
       So today, I compiled a list of free downloadable ebooks that you will find really handy when you have a really busy week.  The recipes here require little prep time and are easy to follow.  With more than 100 recipes to choose from, I’m sure you’ll not hear the words “that again”  from the picky eaters. 
        Hurry up and get the ebooks now before the price changes.  

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