Friday Freebies: Easy Paleo Diet Recipes Ebooks

       I am not a big fan of diets.  However, when I first learned about my children’s food allergies and the fact that our family has to eliminate specific foods such as wheat, I turned to diet recipe books for ideas.  As you may have noticed by now, I considered our family as foodies.  What I mean with that is as a family we all enjoy good and healthy food.    We are not even afraid to try something new as long as it will taste delicious. 
       One of my favorite source of recipe inspirations is the Paleo Diet.  Basically, this type of diet avoids grains, legumes and certain vegetables. It also enforces the use of healthy fats which I love. 
        For those of you who are also in a gluten free diet or just plain curious about the growing Paleo trend, I have found some interesting e cookbooks that you can download for free right now.  Though I haven’t personally tried the recipes from these, I’m pretty sure, you’ll find one, two  or more that you will enjoy. 
       What are you waiting for?  Click and download one or all of them now. 
         Have a fun filled weekend!

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