Friday Freebies – Gluten Free Dessert Ebooks

         It’s the day after Trick or Treating.  If your food allergy loved one made it without any bad reactions, Congratulations!  For those who don’t have any food restrictions like me, don’t get carried away with all the goodies ok.  It’s just the start of the celebration marathon. 

         Speaking of holidays, did you know that those candies or chocolates you have on hand are excellent additions to desserts?  A basic cake or cookie recipe can become extra special  and uniquely yours by just adding some of those candy bars. You can chop them and add some to the batter, use as toppings or even melted for a gooey drizzle.  What’s even sweeter is that no one knows you didn’t  buy your secret ingredients. Wink!
         Need some ideas?  Check out what I found for you today.  Three gluten free ebooks filled with basic dessert recipes. Just add some chocolates or candies and I’m sure you can make each recipe more decadent.   



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