Friday Freebies: How to Deal with Bullying Ebooks

         School is here and bullying is once again a big issue.  I have heard countless stories about children being bullied in school.  Food allergy kids in particular are said to be a high target too. 
          Though I haven’t had any experience on the subject, (Thank God!)  I know first hand, how difficult it is to be a parent of a child being stressed.  Two years ago, one of my daughters had a hard time adjusting to her new school because her previous one was forced to close down.  While the teachers, students and staff of her new school were very helpful and accommodating, dealing with my daughter’s emotions was quite a challenge.  Thankfully, with lots of help, she’s way better now.
            I can’t imagine how devastating it is to deal with bullies. Just like with any school issue, the solution is definitely a collective effort.  Whether you are currently dealing with the situation or trying to teach some awareness, check out these free yup FREE e-books I found.  Keep a copy for yourself and share the link to your friends who might need it too.
            Hoping everyone will have a great school year!

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