Friday Freebies: Juicing for Detox & Weight Loss Ebooks

          Hello Food allergy friends!  I can’t believe it’s already Friday.  I know I have been missing in action lately.  I have been cooking non stop for my hungry swimmers and I barely have enough time to sit.  The more I try to make them physically active, the more they kept on asking for food.  Can you relate?
           Anyway, one of the most asked questions I get from friends and readers is about Juicing and Detox.  I don’t consider myself an expert on this topic. However, I’ve done some juicing for months now and even did Dr. Oz’s 3 day Detox program. 
            I love the idea of juicing or making smoothies because it enables me to get the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables without having a big fuzz about it.  Okay, I confess, I am a meat and potato type of girl and I’m not a consistent follower of the juicing diet.  However, I devote at least 3 days a month for juicing/smoothie detox because I love how light my body feels when I do so.  Plus, it inspires me to make healthier food choices. 

            If you are looking for ideas and recipes for juice detox, here’s my Friday free download treat for you.  Take note, I didn’t try all the recipes here but I’m sure you will find one that you like.  My tip if you’re feeling hesitant, pick the concoction that includes your favorite fruits and veggies.  If you already like their individual tastes, chances are you might like the combined flavors as well.




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