Friday Freebies: More Healthy Juicing Recipes Ebooks

          We made it!  The first full week of school that is.  I can’t believe my body is already craving for more sources of energy.  After chugging on cups of coffee for days, I have this strong urge to clean my system and detoxify.

           What’s my favorite detox program? To be really honest, I have none.  I never even attempted to try any of those fad detox programs.  For me, there’s no sense in starving myself and keep on drinking unlimited amounts of water with a diluted pill of some sort.  If ever I fast, which is usually 4 separate days a year, I do it for something far deeper than vanity.   

           So what do I do? Well, there is only one type of  detox regimen that I feel comfortable and actually felt some results.  Drum roll please. Be a Vegan for a couple of days.  Okay, what I am trying to say is, to remove most of the toxins from the body, we simply eat only fruits, vegetables and seeds for least 3 days.  Sounds hard? I believe you.  Meat and potatoes gal here. That’s when I realize the importance of juicing or smoothies.  Personally,  I find it a lot easier to drink my food instead of  chewing salads.  Do you agree?

            There are so many combinations out there.  But the concept is still simple, all plant based ingredients and no added sweeteners.  If you are like me who easily gets bored with the same combinations, I have a special treat for you. 

            Check out these free downloadable e-books filled with recipes and never ending combinations.  Trust me, you will never get bored. 

             Hurry up! Click away and get them while they are still Free. 

             Enjoy your weekend.      


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