Friday Freebies: Paleo Diet Recipes Ebooks

           One of the diets I first turned to for recipes when I learned about my children’s wheat allergy is the Paleo Diet.   For those who are not familiar with it yet, Paleo or the Caveman diet is a nutritional plan that focuses on eating foods that are not processed and as close to its natural state as possible.  It mainly promotes meat and vegetables. 
           Since this diet prohibits grains, I know that I can get tons of wheat/gluten free recipes ideas.  Is our family on the Paleo diet? Not really, as we also refrain from eating eggs, dairy and nuts remember?  But there are some awesome recipes that can be adapted to our families needs. 
           If you are curious about this diet or are just looking for new recipes, I have found some good ebooks filled with grain free recipes.  As part of Friday Freebies, you can download them today for free.  Cool right?
           Have a great weekend!      



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