Friday Freebies – Quinoa Recipe Ebooks

       Late last month, I decided to finally try to add something new in my diet.  That new food find is quinoa.  Though I have bought a bag more than three months earlier, I never had the courage to actually cook it.  
       To my surprise, this gluten free grain or to be more specific – seeds, is very easy to prepare and versatile.  Just like my long time love — the rice.  The good thing about quinoa is that it is very high in protein.  Also, it holds its texture quite well.  I can make a big batch and keep it handy in the fridge.  It is also great warm, at room temperature and cold.  Are you curious now?

      Anyway, if you haven’t been in the craze yet, I found some free ebooks today worth checking out.  Each is loaded with information and even recipes to help you feel less intimidated.

        Do you have a favorite quinoa recipe?  I love to hear it.

        Have a great weekend.


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