Friday Freebies : Slow Cooker Recipes Ebooks

      The temperature has reached the 30’s here in New Jersey!  Just this week alone, I overslept twice already.  You know what that means?  If mom’s up late, everybody has to rush double time or else…. So far, no slips to fill out yet (fingers crossed).     
       Anyway, as the weather continues to drop, I’m pretty sure the best reward at the end of the day will be a warm stew or soup to fill us up.  That’s when my handy slow cooker comes to the rescue.  If you haven’t gotten one, please do yourself a favor and invest.  I don’t want you to miss the “wonderfulness” that this little appliance can bring.
      For today’s Friday Freebies, I’ve found not one but four e books filled with slow cooker recipes.  Two of which are even gluten free.  Download them all and you’ll have enough recipes for the whole year! 


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