Friday Freebies : Stress Management Ebooks

        Yesterday, I spent a huge amount of time, thinking how upset Child #3 will be because I forgot to put his spoon in his lunch box.  As I’ve mentioned in the Facebook page, I am not being a crazy mom.  I just want to save his teacher and classmates from possible whole day meltdown and crankiness.  He’s my OCD (super organized) kid after all. 
     When he arrived home, I asked him how his day was.  Then he said that everything was good. Surprised with his reaction, I mentioned about the spoon I forgot.  He smiled and told me that it was not a problem.  “You always put an extra one remember?” 
         Ah! The stress I have caused myself.  Can you relate? 
       Anyway, I have found some interesting  free e-books today.  They contain tips on how to reduce stress.  I’m sure we’ll all find these handy especially with the craziness brought about by the holidays.  

        Grab one or all of them now and have a relaxing weekend.        



  1. Whenever I'm working a job that requires me to pack a lunch, I make sure I have a lunch bag that has a pocket where I can put extra napkins and utensils. That way, I can't run out. (Maybe a bit of OCD of my own?)

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