Friday Freebies: Vegetarian Recipes Ebooks

         It’s time for the Friday Freebies. Can you believe how fast and tiring this week had been?  It’s only 10 am EST and I can’t wait to get my second mug of coffee.  Oh, did I ever mentioned that I just realized that my beloved coffee mug hold 2 1/2 cups? Yikes!
          Anyway, if you had one of those toxic weeks, isn’t it time to detox?  I’m not referring about those “magic” drinks or a few days of deprivation.  Who needs that after a tiring week right? 
          I’m firm believer of food balance.  If I want to indulge, I make sure I have a healthy side dish to go along with it.  Since I am not a big raw salad fan, in fact, I don’t find any comfort eating it, I looked around for healthy vegetable recipes. 


          Good news!  I found some amazing e-books filled with vegetarian recipes that you can download for free today.  From dips, appetizers, main course and even desserts, I’m sure you will find a something that will make your taste buds and body happy.    
         Have a relaxing and recharging weekend my friends!


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